For the easy opening of plastic milk container tops


“I am so pleased to have bought this. It makes getting the milk tops open so so easy. Excellent product.”

– Edna, Lincolnshire.

“I used to have to ask friends and neighbours to get the milk tops started for me. Now with MilkAid, I can do it myself, with no trouble, every time.”

– Joanna, Lincoln.

“I was given MilkAid as a gift by a friend because she knew how I struggled with the milk tops. It is so easy and simple to use. I wouldn’t be without it now.”

– Sally, Cambridge.

Useful for

Those with limited or restricted hand movements

Those suffering with Arthritis or people with amputated limbs

Those with temporary ailments such as plaster casts or bandages

Children (can be used to open Yazoo flavoured milk)

Any condition that makes it difficult to remove plastic milk tops


Made to measure for all standard plastic milk container tops

Ergonomically designed to eliminate discomfort when using

No gripping, squeezing or pressing down involved

Available in four colours – Yellow, red, blue and green

Perfect addition to a standard range of kitchen utensils

Works with these popular milk brands:

See a full list of compatible milk tops.


I was visiting my mum one weekend and she asked me if I could take the top off a new container of milk. She explained that she struggles to get the top started on new, previously un-opened containers. This got me thinking, who else has this problem?

My mum explained that many of her friends had the same issue; they had to ask somebody else, family or friends, to help them open milk containers.

So I designed the first prototype and got them 3D printed to test and refine. Over the next year, the design has evolved into what you now see on the website. I hope that should you choose to buy MILKAID® you are as pleased with it as my mum is with hers.

Best wishes,


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